RIA 2022 Guyane

Created in November 2008, the Neighborhood Association of Rémire-Montjoly is a social and solidarity economy (SSE) employer, working on the integration of vulnerable people and creating and/or strengthening social ties between neighborhood residents.
The association works in close partnership with local authorities, social landlords, associations and residents in order to contribute, beyond the improvement of the living environment, to the development of an economic activity of integration.
The integration of vulnerable people is based on two integration workshops and social and professional support.
➔ The first one called AMEC ( Maintenance Agent of Collective Spaces) concerns Urban Proximity Management (UPM) and small works and services to the inhabitants ( CONCIERGE).
The UPM is the improvement of the living environment in the neighborhoods (maintenance of green spaces, cleaning of the premises and common parts of the residences, surveillance of the crossing around the schools).
The CONCIERGE is a service that carries out small jobs and local services (painting, small masonry, small plumbing, installation of small equipment, handling, help with moving, etc.).
➔ The second, called YANA MOBILITY is a social garage located in the heart of the neighborhoods, and which offers services of: level 1 car maintenance, transportation on demand, maintenance of motorized vehicles and car wash.
➔ The social and professional support provided by our integration counselors and technical supervisors who work to remove barriers (social, digital, mobility) to employment; to the acquisition of skills; and to the achievement of the professional projects of the people we receive (employees on integration contracts).

Socio-cultural third place

We have a socio-cultural third place (Microfolies “TARMAAAC” space) located in the middle of the “âmes claires” district, which provides access to culture for the underprivileged and democratizes digital technology.

L’espace TARMAAAC propose donc un musée numérique (MICROFOLIE), des animations virtuelles, un café associatif, un espace livres, des ateliers d’apprentissage et d’éveil, un FAB-LAB et du co-working.

The development of skills

Our integration workshops and our associative activities are fertile ground for the development of skills in more than fifteen professions

Supervisor, Site Manager, Green Space Maintenance Agent, Cleaning Agent, Machine Operator, Painter, Handyman, Handling Agent, Mechanic, VTC Driver, Regulation Agent, Surveillance Agent

Reception Agent, Administrative Agent, Accounting Agent

Counselor, Mediator, Animator

Régie de Quartier de Rémire-Montjoly
Bat 12 rue Roger DESNOYERS
97354 Rémire-Montjoly
SIret : 509 467 353 00017