RIA 2022 Guyane

The International Animation Network (RIA) brings together specialists from some twenty countries, in America, Europe and Africa, whether researchers, training managers or professional actors involved in the field of socio-cultural animation and/or social intervention. 

After Bordeaux (France-2003), Sao Polo (Brazil-2005), Lucerne (Switzerland-2007), Montreal (Canada-2009), Saragossa (Spain-2011), Paris (France-2013), Bogota (Colombia-2015), Algiers (Algeria-2017) and Lausanne (Switzerland-2019), the 10th colloquium of the Network will be held in Cayenne in French Guyana (France) on October 26, 27 and 28, 2022. 

At each of these international meetings, the objective is to pool knowledge and know-how, methodologies and results of research, actions and experiments, around lively questions and crucial issues that cross the field of social and socio-cultural intervention in a world confronted with the permanence of changes and mutations.